Band Profile

The David Roberts Band

David Roberts: Sax, Vocals, Percussion.
Birthplace: Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
He began playing Piano at the age of eight; and bass guitar at the age of ten. By the time he was thirteen he was playing parties for money. He played trumpet with the high school jazz band, and marching bands. Performing with: “The Soul Revue, featuring Sneed and Houston” they provided the musical backup for Arthur Conelly’s “Live at the Helm” album. Later known as “Changes” the group toured the United States opening for such notables as James Brown, Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge, Chase, Andy Kim, Bob Seger, and Bobby Sherman, on stage and on television. They played the Playboy Club circuit, and nightclubs as well as University Campuses, clubs, and concerts. Robert graduated from Citrus College with a degree in Music and earned another music degree at California State University. He was an award-winning high school band director, and subsequently, Middle School Band Director before undertaking this project. Robert also has a degree in English and is a published writer, poet, and lyricist.

Lawson Tatum: Keyboardist, vocalist.
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Started playing piano when he was 19. At the age of twenty-four he started taking lessons with Bill Cunliffe. By age twenty he was playing in church and at Food For Faith Christian Fellowship. His credits include teaching at Rock Stars of Tomorrow; The Lesson House; Rev It Up; Drum Player, Inc. and “The Music Store”. Lawson has performed with notable entertainers as Sabrinha Vargas; Brooke Rose; J. Ovanni; and Jobob Talefi. Lawson’s style is technical, jazzy, and funky; sometimes leaning toward honky-tonk, and boogie. His influences are: Bill Evans, Tony Flanagan, Donny Hathaway, and Herbie Hancock.

Don Winkelpleck: Drummer/Percussionist/Vocalist (In the shower, only).
From: Pomona, California
Don started playing trombone, and drums in high school; later training with Mike Lamm, Rick Cucousa, Bruce Bishop and Al Stover. In the 1980’s he played with the Legendary “Smokey Stover Band”, and later with such notables as: “Byron Ward and Skyward”; and “What is Love?” In the late ‘80’s he played in many church praise groups and at outreach concerts with groups such as: Forgiven, Reign, Anna Aguilar, James Peralta, and the Leo Vargas Band. Don’s style is fresh, creative, and energetic – a real pleasure to watch, and listen to.

Lavalle Houser: Bass Guitar, Vocals
Birthplace: Pittsburgh, PA
LaValle began playing (upright) Bass at the age of nine. At twelve he picked up the bass guitar and began playing in his Jr. High School’s stage (jazz) band. In high school he was playing gigs with a top 40’s band, playing every event form nightclubs to weddings. While in tour with the Marine Corps, he had the opportunity to play in the officers clubs and with native Japanese musicians while stationed in Iwa Kuni. Afterwards, LaValle toured with “Dishpan” a recording rock band, “Watusi” a recording Reggae band, “The Riders” a recording Rock Group, “The Harlem Gospel Choir,” in their European tour, and “The Retro-Boomers who played for Radio Station K-Earth 101 events.”

Roselyn Jordan-Mills: Vocals (not on photo)
Birthplace: Poughkeepsie, New York
Roselyn began singing at the age of twelve with her twin brother and younger sister as “The Warner Trio.” Her father was an accomplished pianist, who accompanied the trio. Roselyn and her siblings were coached by their mother, a professional singer and teacher.
Besides singing solo for many years, Roselyn has sung background. For contemporary Christian artists, such as Ron Kenoly, Andre Crouch, John Gibson; Trent Cory; and Brian Duncan. Roselyn, an accomplished actress, will be making her movie screen debut in the soon to be released movie: “I Love You” and has played roles in several stage productions like: “Keep it Real;” She has one solo CD to her credit and another currently in production. Roselyn loves to sing, and she brings both power, and maternal sensitivity to the group.

Alice Banda: Vocals.
Birthplace: California
Like so many impassioned musicians Alice began showing her proclivity for music early on. She began singing at the age of four. At the age of six she began taking piano lessons, which led to several top awards in competition. Alice “WOWs” the crowd with her powerful voice. Her delivery is exhilarating!